Cedar Oak Mesa Property Owners Association

C.O.M. P.O.A.

Cedar Oak Mesa Property Owners Association



Please volunteer
The Property Owner's Association always needs volunteers.  Please contact a board member if there's something you'd like to volunteer to do to help your neighborhood.  Volunteering 

teaches children about community service and doing something for the community they live in.  Come to our meetings the first Thursday of each month.  This is your neighborhood, too!

Recent Projects


Redoing the gate areas at both parks, will have coyote fencing near both gates. Adding rock drive at Hitching Post Park.

Architectural Committee
Head of our architectural committee is Board Member Richard Hatch.  Please contact him if you need assistance.  850.543.8500  Approval is required for building a new home, additions, including decks, etc.  (Check the deed restrictions and bylaws to see if your project complies.)

Beautification of our Neighborhood 
Dumpsters will be here on Sept 16th, looking for everyone's large items that need to be removed.

Summer Splash Party
The next party is scheduled for Sept 23rd. There will be food, games for kids and our local DJ will be cranking out the tunes.

Annual Meeting Held on April 30, 2016

Cedar Oak Mesa Board of Directors

President - Darrell Ray 512 722 3723

Vice President - Richard Hatch

Treasurer - Willis Shelton

 Secretary - Jemi Ward

Board Member - Shellie Goodman

Board Member - Dylan Redding

​Board Member - Frank Tambrella

What We’re Doing