Cedar Oak Mesa Property Owners Association

Maintenance Fees are due by Mar 1st to not be late.

If you want to pay for your key with your maintenance fee, just add $35 to your check.

Otherwise, pay when you pick up the key.

Please stay off the grass at Hitching Post Park. Many of the grassy areas have trees planted.

Please do not drive straight down to the river, trees are planted here as well

Recreation Forms - Please remember if you are having a large party at the park or pool, a recreation form with a deposit is required.  Recreation permit.docx.

Feb Agenda

Directors Roll Call – Ben Enyart, Richard Hatch, Deborah McMullan, Darrell Ray, Dylan Redding, Carlette Sandridge, and Jemi Ward

Approve January meeting minutes

Approve Financial Report for January

               Budget for 2019

Old Business –

Vote on removal of Board Member

Property Management

               Property Clean up Committee –

               Discussed in Executive Meeting

               Send out mailings

               Pool – In Memorial Bench

Parks -

Architecture Board –

               Discussed in Executive Meeting

All – need to help keep parks locked, parks close at dusk

New Business –

               Review Candidate Solicitation Letter / Maintenance Fee Reminder

Discuss Ballot, consider changing restrictions, if you stay on your property more than 90 days, it would be considered permanent vs temporary and you need to comply with permanent rules.

Open Forum

Meeting Close